Friday, November 20, 2009

Just a quick note

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Friday, October 23, 2009

first day of ECFE

I love blogging, really I do! I just never imagined how busy and exciting life with two toddlers would become! Who has time to update the blog or take photos when each day presents new discoveries, words, sentences, and adorable expressions like, "Mommy, I being a robot!" or "Two pumpkins, Mommy!" Maybe it's because we're approaching the season of giving thanks, but we are feeling extremely blessed these days to be sharing our lives with such incredible little people.

A few highlights from the last couple of months include starting a new year of Early Childhood classes, my sister Amy's wedding, and of course, playing in the leaves and picking out pumpkins. Charlie and Sofie also love making cookies, playing with their cousins, climbing and swinging at the park, learning about letters, and watching Yo Gabba Gabba (the weirdest, most funky children's program ever!). We've been singing Yo Gabba songs every day from morning till night. They're performed by a lot of different punk rock and alternative bands that we actually would listen to anyways, but written for children about things like going up and down, bananas, and having a pool party! Our kids are so cool!

Let's see some photos!

at a friend's wedding in august

our new kitchen floor and new chairs, too

pumpkin paintings

a visit with great grandma marian

helping the bride prepare for the big day

sofie and chris

laura and charlie

congratulations amy and matt!

the whole family

putting the kids to work, kind of



at the pumpkin patch

bringing our pumpkins out to the car

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At the lake

We used to go to my family's cabin several times each summer to spend the weekend, celebrate a long holiday weekend, or for a week with my parents. Now that we have two little ones (and all the stuff that they require), our cabin trips have been reduced to just once a year. We go during my parents' personal week and move in, literally, for a few days of fun in the sun. We enjoy the water, nature, and an escape from most of the world. It was so nice not to hear a cell phone or email alerts all day! Here are some pictures of our week at the cabin.
Of course, most of them are of Charlie and Sofie.
They are the stars in our lives!

Charlie is waiting for a boat ride with Grampa, and practicing driving.

Sofie has learned to love the camera, and it loves her!

It was cold, so we spent time inside coloring at the kitchen table . . .

. . .and getting into mischief. These cupboards had all kinds of fun stuff to play with!

Sofie enjoying a few of Gramma's chips.

Watching a DVD before bed.

Chris and I celebrated 9 years of marriage on July 22. Cute, eh?

Rocks were the toy of choice this week. We washed them, dried them, carried them from place to place, and learned about big, little, smooth, and bumpy.

It doesn't get any sweeter than this.

Sofie loved taking a bath on the deck.
Here, have an animal cracker!

Charlie was "cold, cold!"

Our last boat ride of the week.

It was a great time, but we were tired and ready for our beds at home!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally, an update!

To say we've been busy during the months of May and June would be an understatement! First we wrapped up our ECFE classes. Here are a couple of pictures of Charlie and Sofie enjoying their last day. We've been meeting our classmates each week, however, for play dates at local parks, which has been lots of fun!

In early May Chris and I sang "How Sweet It Is" at my church's Cabaret Show. I think it went okay and I'm getting lots of opportunities to beat my stage fright with other duets and solos this summer at church as well. I love being able to sing again, and with some really talented people!

Most importantly, Charlie and Sofie celebrated their 2nd birthday on May 31st. We had a great party with grandparents, cousins (including our newest cousin, Truman born in May), aunts, and uncles. Our theme was Curious George. Charlie and Sofie got a new pool, a sandbox filled with sand and lots of sand toys, plus many other thoughtful gifts from the family. Thanks everyone for celebrating with us and for making our birthdays (yes, Chris and I both had birthdays too!) so wonderful!

We got a free piano from a family that was replacing theirs with a newer model. I cleaned it up and recovered the seat and must say, it looks great in our living room! We play it every day and it is really helping to encourage Charlie and Sofie's musical interests and abilities! (Do I sound like a teacher, or what?)

The summer is flying by with trips to the park, zoo, and playing outside in the sun. Charlie and Sofie love their pool and playing with water. We received a MN Zoo membership from Grandma and Grandpa Dumont and already went to see all the animals. We all had a blast!

Chris and Charlie watching a free-roaming rooster. It kept crowing, and was so funny!

Charlie and Chris's tower! Chris has a more flexible summer schedule and we are so grateful to have him home more often these days!

We wish everyone a happy, fun, and healthy remainder of the summer!
(We'll try to do the same!)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Out and About

We've had a busy couple of weeks! We've had lots of play dates, can't wait to play outside in the yard every day, and went to the Zoo with Mom and Gramma Kathy. We knew Charlie and Sofie would love the baby animals and they did! It was so funny to hear them mooing as they walked through the cow barn! We also had a fun Easter with lots of friends and family and we even got to meet the Easter Bunny!

Waiting in line (with everyone else in the world) to go to the MN Zoo

We saw a goose sitting on her egg

Here's a mama monkey with her baby

Gramma Kathy and Charlie

Charlie and Sofie got to pet a baby goat (kid)


Outside looking at the goats

Piglets! Look how clean and pink they are!

Charlie put his finger in the piglets nose and mouth! Yuck!

Sofie posing in the barn.

They were mesmerized by the aquarium.

We could have watched the fish all day!

Charlie wearing Chris's Crocs.

Charlie and Sofie hanging out with Claire

Saying hello to the Easter Bunny

Myles and Charlie just hangin' out

Is this the cutest picture, or what!

Happy Spring Everyone!