Monday, January 26, 2009

Around the house

We've been busy this year so far. Something has inspired me to start all kinds of re-organizing, re-decorating, and home improvement projects. I'm pretty determined and persistent, so I usually make it happen one way or another, even with two toddlers running around! This past weekend we painted the kitchen. I was noticing how dirty our white walls and ceiling were looking and thought the room needed a warmer color anyways. I willingly did all the preparation so Chris would help with the part I don't particularly enjoy, the actual painting! After a long weekend, and two very late nights (2 am!), we finished and I must say it looks terrific. It's just the change I was itching for! Charlie and Sofie enjoyed sitting on the cans of paint prior to opening them up. I'm not sure they even know we changed anything. Oh, and thanks Dad for the painting supplies! The brand new 2" brush was especially helpful in edging along the ceiling!