Thursday, February 19, 2009

Movers and Shakers

Yes, Charlie and Sofie are walking, running, climbing, spinning, and falling all over the house. When we go outside, they are so excited to get down and run up the sidewalk to the garage. Charlie slipped and fell on some ice the other day and Sofie decided she would like to walk around to the front yard. Who needs exercise when you've got two toddlers to chase around the neighborhood? It's so fun for them because last autumn they could barely walk and now they are very agile, and very curious! Unfortunately, I am in a constant state of alarm, waiting for someone to fall, hurt themselves, cry, whatever. The dentist warned us about them getting black teeth from falling on their faces. I'd like to try to avoid that one, thanks.

They are also doing some sweet, amazing things, too. They are coloring and drawing with much more ease and interest. They imitate and laugh at each other, and they are surprising us with an ever-increasing vocabulary. We now have to censor ourselves and be very careful about tone and attitude as every gesture is imitated!

I've still got the home improvement itch. In a couple of weeks we'll be painting the white living room walls a dark, but warm brown color called new chestnut. I can't wait! We want to get it done before it's nice outside and also before we start our Saturday Water Babies class.

One more thing that will keep us busy this spring is our March for Babies. We'll be walking again this year to help support the March of Dimes and to say a big thank you for all the support and medical expertise we received on our journey to parenthood. We never forget how blessed we are to be parents and how difficult it is for so many families! Please support our efforts by walking with us or sponsoring us with a donation. Click on the banner on your right. You won't regret it!