Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fun

Here are some photos of what we've been up to. I knew three year old twins would be crazy and challenging at times, but man oh man! Charlie and Sofie keep us on our toes with new personalities, language, interests, and abilities. Constantly, we are asking each other, "Where did they learn how to do that? When did they learn that word?" Life in our little world is so fun, exhausting, and way to busy to take time to blog. Hopefully the next update won't take so long!

Love to all,

Charlie and Sofie's first day of school. This year we are doing both a parent-child class and a preschool class where they are all alone without me. I actually get a two hour break. It's awesome!

Chris and I took a long overdue trip to Vail this September for our friend Jeff's wedding. It was a relaxing, fun, and restorative!

Vail Mountains

Don't we look relaxed?!

The fall colors in our yard were stunning this year!

Picking out our pumpkins for Halloween!

Trick or Treat!
Charlie was a dragon and Sofie was a fairy.
They had a blast trick or treating, but even more fun was passing out treats when people came to the door. "Here you go!" they would giggle.