Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally, an update!

To say we've been busy during the months of May and June would be an understatement! First we wrapped up our ECFE classes. Here are a couple of pictures of Charlie and Sofie enjoying their last day. We've been meeting our classmates each week, however, for play dates at local parks, which has been lots of fun!

In early May Chris and I sang "How Sweet It Is" at my church's Cabaret Show. I think it went okay and I'm getting lots of opportunities to beat my stage fright with other duets and solos this summer at church as well. I love being able to sing again, and with some really talented people!

Most importantly, Charlie and Sofie celebrated their 2nd birthday on May 31st. We had a great party with grandparents, cousins (including our newest cousin, Truman born in May), aunts, and uncles. Our theme was Curious George. Charlie and Sofie got a new pool, a sandbox filled with sand and lots of sand toys, plus many other thoughtful gifts from the family. Thanks everyone for celebrating with us and for making our birthdays (yes, Chris and I both had birthdays too!) so wonderful!

We got a free piano from a family that was replacing theirs with a newer model. I cleaned it up and recovered the seat and must say, it looks great in our living room! We play it every day and it is really helping to encourage Charlie and Sofie's musical interests and abilities! (Do I sound like a teacher, or what?)

The summer is flying by with trips to the park, zoo, and playing outside in the sun. Charlie and Sofie love their pool and playing with water. We received a MN Zoo membership from Grandma and Grandpa Dumont and already went to see all the animals. We all had a blast!

Chris and Charlie watching a free-roaming rooster. It kept crowing, and was so funny!

Charlie and Chris's tower! Chris has a more flexible summer schedule and we are so grateful to have him home more often these days!

We wish everyone a happy, fun, and healthy remainder of the summer!
(We'll try to do the same!)


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