Friday, October 23, 2009

first day of ECFE

I love blogging, really I do! I just never imagined how busy and exciting life with two toddlers would become! Who has time to update the blog or take photos when each day presents new discoveries, words, sentences, and adorable expressions like, "Mommy, I being a robot!" or "Two pumpkins, Mommy!" Maybe it's because we're approaching the season of giving thanks, but we are feeling extremely blessed these days to be sharing our lives with such incredible little people.

A few highlights from the last couple of months include starting a new year of Early Childhood classes, my sister Amy's wedding, and of course, playing in the leaves and picking out pumpkins. Charlie and Sofie also love making cookies, playing with their cousins, climbing and swinging at the park, learning about letters, and watching Yo Gabba Gabba (the weirdest, most funky children's program ever!). We've been singing Yo Gabba songs every day from morning till night. They're performed by a lot of different punk rock and alternative bands that we actually would listen to anyways, but written for children about things like going up and down, bananas, and having a pool party! Our kids are so cool!

Let's see some photos!

at a friend's wedding in august

our new kitchen floor and new chairs, too

pumpkin paintings

a visit with great grandma marian

helping the bride prepare for the big day

sofie and chris

laura and charlie

congratulations amy and matt!

the whole family

putting the kids to work, kind of



at the pumpkin patch

bringing our pumpkins out to the car

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