Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

As usual, we've been plenty busy around our house. We had a wonderful holiday season full of time with family, relaxing, playing inside and out, and introducing Charlie and Sofie to many holiday traditions. They were so excited about Christmas this year. They were thrilled not only to receive gifts but also to help shop, wrap, and give gifts to loved ones and those in need. Now that Christmas is over, they are very confused. They are ready for Halloween again, and wonder when Christmas will come. We're trying to help them understand that it's just winter. For a long time, it will just be winter. Brrrr!! The cold weather has been a challenge as Charlie and Sofie can't wait to finally build a snowman! They understand that it's too cold and the snow is too fluffy, however. Some day soon, we tell them, we will build a big, fat snowman. For now, play dough will have to suffice. Please enjoy some photos of the last several weeks.

Chris and Sofie just hanging out.

A trip to the zoo was a nice break from chilly temps and cabin fever.

Sofie's new back pack (or "buck cup" as Charlie calls it).

Santa brought a doll house, train set, and backpacks for both Charlie and Sofie.

New bike helmets for rides in the bike trailer.

All dressed up on Christmas eve.

Daddy and Sofie enjoying some Chex mix made by uncle Matt and Auntie Amy.

Christmas at Gramma and Grampa Nelson's

Merry Christmas!!

Sofie loved the green Spritz cookies we made this year!

Charlie organizing gifts under the tree.

Sneaking M & Ms off of the gingerbread house.

One of our many Christmas crafts.

Playing in the fountain at the Crystal Court downtown.

Enjoying a cookie after seeing Santa downtown at Macy's

Charlie is up to his old tricks again.

Sofie was mesmerized by so many ornaments on the tree.

Goofing around, as usual!

Happy New Year and may 2010 be a year filled with peace, love, and happiness.

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