Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dinner at the Dumonts

So, we've been trying to have more family dinners where we all sit down to eat together. As crazy and messy as it is, we think Charlie and Sofie really enjoy socializing and eating with Mom and Dad. We experience lots of talking and imitation from both little ones and then dinners done and we can get ready for bed. This video is a perfect example of a typical week night dinner at our house.

Charlie and Sofie are talking more and more and we can't keep up! I swore I would write down every new word, but I haven't. Who has time? Charlie just said "cool" the other day. He was talking about his new "cool" plaid sneakers. Sofie is naming everyone: "Mommy", "Daddy", "Dardy" (charlie), "Ah-me" (auntie Amy), "Bama" (grandma) and "Bampa" (grandpa). Charlie has a little song he sings, "Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad". Who knew we would have these little chatter boxes living among us so soon?

Lastly, another reminder to check out our March of Dimes page. The walk for babies is Sunday, April 26. I know the economy stinks, but please find it in your heart to sponsor us. Every little bit counts. Skip a dinner out and save a baby instead :).


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