Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An update on the tree

So, the tree is up and it looks great. Only non-breakable ornaments are on the bottom half, securely attached, of course. Charlie and Sofie were taught right away to touch the tree gently, but that they may touch it. It is not off limits. We tried showing them how to touch the lights, branches, and ornaments with just one finger and they actually did it! It was so funny. Now, a few days later, they have found their favorite ornaments and they like to hang out by them, touching, tugging, and shaking. It's kind of frightening, but we're realizing that they are usually doing it to get attention. Thank goodness for ornaments with bells, etc. They alert us when someone is messing with the tree! It seems when we ignore the tree, it's not so interesting. We will not be placing presents under the tree until we are ready to have them opened, thrown, stepped on, etc. It's been less than a week and so far, so good. Now, let's see how the next month goes! Happy Holidays everyone!

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